In 2011 we decided to go on a big adventure and started sponsoring the ADAC GT Masters – a decision we never regretted. From the beginning we were captivated by the emotions on the track and the unbelievable frenzy of speed. We love to be highly excited on the grandstand and in the pit lane, where one second can become an eternity. We enjoy the surge of feelings and the amazing thrill of being between hope and desperation.

But there are even more reasons for us to sponsor the ADAC GT Masters: There is no better place for testing our products than on the race circuits of the world. Many engineers rely for example on our products for cleaning the engines and fuel cycles, our oil performance boost and our engine sealing. Racing experts and engineers confirm, that our products satisfy the highest needs and even exceed all expectations.

The heavy demands of our products at the ADAC GT Masters helped us improving their quality. Because of the sensitivity of the engines and the perfectly balanced racers showing a reaction to changes immediately, we could gain a lot of insights. That is why we were able, to raise the efficacy of our products and application systems, which improves our service to create even more satisfied customers.

Despite great support from 300 invited guests, YACO Racing had no luck at the race weekend on the Sachsenring (September 15 – 17, 2017).

On the penultimate weekend (September 15 – 17, 2017) of this year's league of super sports cars, the home race for the team YACO Racing takes place.

YACO Racing had to accept defeat against the strong competition at the last race weekend (August 4 to 6, 2017) of the ADAC GT Masters 2017.

The fifth race in this year's league of super sport cars (August 04 – 06, 2017) could finally bring new points to the Team YACO Racing.

No new points: The last race weekend (July 21 to 23, 2017) on the Dutch dune rollercoaster did not go as planned for YACO Racing.