Suitable for all kinds of plastic headlights. Simple and cost-effective restoration of weathered, dull headlights. Ensures save motoring due to improved luminous efficiency of the headlights and restores perfect gloss. Long-term protection against re-contamination and environmental influences due to our unique Nano Sealant.

2 sheet wet sandpaper (P600, P1200, P2000)
75 ml pre-polishing paste, 75 ml fine-polishing paste,
80 ml Nano-Finisher, 50 ml headlight sealant,
1 micro fibre cloth, 1 polishing sponge

Application area

Suitable for all kinds of plastic headlights.

Application nodes

After cleaning the headlights, remove in several working steps scratches and stains with the help of the wet sand paper. By polishing the headlights with the different kinds of grinding pastes and with the Nano Finisher (p. 68), the headlights regain their original clear appearance. As final step apply the Nano Sealant and polish any excess product immediately off with a microfibre cloth.


Kit for 2 headlights

Treatment time

approx. 30 seconds