The cleaner dissolves and removes all soot residues and dirt in the particlulate filter/catalyst without dismantling. Loss of performance or malfunctions caused by contaminated particulate filters/catalyst converters are completely eliminated.

Cleaning restores the full function of the DPF/Catalyst.

The product is also ideal for EGR valve cleaning. (Note: Cleaning is only possible by dismatnling the EGR valve.)

– Loosens and removes operational contamination in the diesel particulate filter/catalyst
– Cleaning without dismantling the diesel particulate filter/catalyst
– Evaporates without leaving any residue

Application area

Cleaning the diesel particulate filter/catalyst

Application nodes

Important: The engine must be at operating temperature!

Disassemble the temperature, pressure sensor or access hole on the DPF/Catalyst and insert the product into the hole via our DPF-Cleaning device (33480).
The cleaner is sprayed into the particulate filter/catalyst at intervals of 5 seconds using a probe until it is completely and evenly wetted with cleaner.
Take out the probe and close the opening again. During use, the deposits are loosened and distributed in the particle filter/catalyst. Then initiate regeneration with the workshop tester. Query error memory and delete existing errors if necessary. Then do a test drive of about 20 minutes.
DPF/Catalyst Cleaner can be used with all closed particulate filter systems. Check the oil level before cleaning. If the oil is diluted with diesel, it is imperative to change the oil. For diesel engines, we recommend adding AUTOPROFI DPF Clean (43241) to the fuel tank for optimal regeneration after the test drive. For petrol engines we recommend adding AUTOPROFI Oxicat (43243).


5 L is sufficient for 12 application/particulate filter/catalyst

Weight N/A