Ensures an optimal protection of all car-windows, headlights and car-mirrors. Provides greater driving safety, improves visibility in the rain or at night. Minimal use of windscreen wipers and easy removal of insect residues makes this an essential product for all motorists. The sealant lasts approx. 6 months / 10,000 km and is resistant to steam cleaning, high pressure washing and mechanical car wash systems.

Application area

Glass sealing in the automotive branch.

Application nodes

Pre-clean the surface thoroughly to remove all dust, grease and other pollutants. Before applying the sealant, make sure the surface is completely dry. Do not touch the surface with your fingertips while or after drying. Apply the sealant and after approx. 90 seconds polish the surface with a lint-free towel.

Follow the instructions!!

Treatment has to be done under regular temperature and humidity conditions. Each film or dirt on the surfaces to be treatet or insuficient drying before treatment can worsen binding of the sealer. The sealer may not be applied to surfaces colder than 15 °C or warmer than 25 °C. During summer,allow your car to cool down in the shade (e.g.garage) before starting the treatment.

Caremaxx Glass Sealing is a 2 component system. The components can be stored for at least one year. Mixed components can only be stored for 24 hours.

Special information for use on car windscreens:
If too much detergent or antifreeze is used in the wiper unit (see recommended ratio on the product), haze can appear on the windscreen. We recommend windscreen cleaner and antifreeze from CTP. Used-up wiper blades may also cause haze. Please replace your blades.


10 – 15 ml per m²

Treatment time

approx. 90 seconds

Weight N/A

30ml, 150ml