Like a phoenix from the ashes

Like a phoenix from the ashes

Like a phoenix from the ashes 1920 1080 Wilhelm Wust

After weeks of work, the burned Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX was restored for the racetrack through a lot of sweat and effort.

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When a major fire in 2020 not only completely burned down the warehouse and garage of Houssam Tarabay (team boss and driver of T Rally Team), only the wrecked car could be salvaged. Fortunately, the 2 liter Sirius engine and a large part of the body could be saved and repaired in a laborious process. An identical series Evo IX served the rally car as a spare part dispenser, which meant that almost all add-on parts could be transferred.

Two days before the first competition we had to keep our fingers crossed again. After all the necessary panes and plastic attachments had been reattached, the interior with the dashboard, seats, etc. could be completed. Only the suspension was waiting until the last moment.

Thus, the completely burned Mitsubishi Lance Evo IX was able to contest its first rally last weekend.