Guard Fill – The long-term protection with every refueling

Guard Fill – The long-term protection with every refueling

Guard Fill – The long-term protection with every refueling 800 500 Wilhelm Wust

Keeps inlet valves, injection nozzles and combustion chambers free of carbon-like deposits and at the same time protects all metal surfaces from corrosion

Disadvantageous factors such as short hauls, delayed service intervals and the regular use of standard fuels (petrol RON <95 and diesel CN <55) can have a negative effect on the engine and the fuel system.
These often cause combustion residues / coking in the entire combustion chamber, which have a negative effect on fuel consumption, engine performance, exhaust emissions and the service life of the catalytic converter (as well as DPF in diesel vehicles).


Commuter traffic on an expressway

But what does “short haul” actually mean?

In general, all routes under 10km are referred to as short hauls. On these short journeys, the engine does not manage to get warm enough, which means that the oil cannot reach the desired operating temperature. However, this is required to ensure that the engine is fully oiled.


Proof of effectiveness

The result are harmful deposits that can seriously affect the combustion process. Even the fuel that gets into the oil pan via the combustion chamber can no longer evaporate at cold temperatures and collects in the oil pan. This dilutes the oil, so that the optimal lubricating properties can no longer be guaranteed.

In order to develop an ignitable mixture for combustion when cold, the engine needs more fuel, which is expressed in significantly higher fuel consumption.

For diesel vehicles in particular, short journeys are fatal in the long run, as the engines need significantly longer to develop the ideal operating temperature. If the diesel engine does not reach the desired warm-up phase, the engine management does not start the regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, which in turn encourages the particulate filter to become clogged and sooner or later the vehicle switches to emergency mode.

Therefore our tip: Regular use of Guard Fill Petrol (for gasoline engines) or Guard Fill Diesel (for diesel engines).


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Michael Gänslein
Regional Sales Management