Double debut for Geipel and Becker-Brugger

Double debut for Geipel and Becker-Brugger

Double debut for Geipel and Becker-Brugger 1200 800 Wilhelm Wust

After a compulsory break for months, the Plauen rally driver and his co-driver, Katrin Becker-Brugger, are back on the gravel road.

At the rally in Bad Schmiedeberg last weekend, there were two premieres for Philip Geipel and Katrin Becker-Brugger; on the one hand, both start under the new “Speedlife Motorsport” team and on the other hand, the man from Plauen drove his Skoda Fabia R5 on loose gravel for the first time.

“I’ve learned a lot and I’m impressed how a car can drive on such loose surfaces. The tests around Bad Schmiedeberg were extremely fast, so that we almost always flew through the forest at over 180kmh. I still lacked confidence in gravel tires and the new ground for me. “, says the 33-year-old and further reports: “With a best time we have shown that the fastest will be able to keep up. It was my 7th rally ever and the first on gravel, so I can live with the performance. Unfortunately, we avoided two chicanes which resulted in a 20 second penalty and even had to reset once, which also cost 10 seconds. That was annoying, but just part of it. I am now looking forward to the next event at the Rallye Atlantis north of Hamburg on October 24th, 2020 ”

It continues on October 24th. to the Atlantis rally. The second of six rallies that will take place this year.


Dates 2020

Rallye Bad Schmiedeberg               09/12/2020                  Skoda Fabia R5
Rallye Atlantis                                      10/24/2020                  Skoda Fabia R5
Sumava Rallye                                     11/06th–07th/2020      VW Polo GTI R5
Rallye Hessisches Bergland            11/13th–14th/2020      Skoda Fabia R5
Race of Champions Ceska Lipa      11/21th–22th/2020      VW Polo GTI R5
Prague Rallye Sprint                          11/28/2020                  Skoda Fabia R5