Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

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A diesel particle filter is exposed to many loads in everyday life. Regeneration is particularly badly affected by short-distance driving or stop-and-go traffic in city traffic.

A diesel particulate filter is installed in every modern vehicle to ensure compliance with the strict emission standards for diesel vehicles. This cleans the exhaust gas of soot particles that are produced during combustion in the engine. For this purpose, the exhaust gas is routed through a fine-pored ceramic structure inside the filter. The soot particles are deposited on the walls of the channels while the exhaust gas flows through them.

As soon as a certain limit of deposits in the DPF is reached and the exhaust back pressure becomes too high, the vehicle automatically starts to burn the filter substrate free. The exhaust gas temperature is temporarily increased to approx. 550°C by additional fuel injection or, for certain manufacturers, additive injection, so that the soot accumulated in the filter is burned to ash and the exhaust gas back pressure drops again. Especially vehicles that are often driven over short distances or in city traffic often do not reach the required temperatures.


Image: Regeneration of the diesel particulate filter


A faulty or clogged filter often manifests itself in increased fuel consumption, loss of performance and/or engine stuttering. If active regeneration is not possible, a warning lamp or a text message in the combined instrument panel indicates that the filter is blocked. The engine control unit immediately goes into emergency mode and reduces engine power in order to prevent consequential damage and to maintain the exhaust gas values.The only remedy here is usually a complex cleaning, for which the particle filter has to be removed or the exchange for a new or overhauled DPF filter. Both solutions are usually quite expensive and often force the vehicle to stay in the workshop for long periods of time.


Image: diesel particle filter; dirty on the left, clean on the right


The preventative solution

The high-performance cleaner for diesel particle filters is a special additive solution that is used as a regeneration aid for diesel particle filter systems. The cleaner is simply added to the fuel tank before filling up. The required exhaust gas temperature is reduced to such an extent that the filter is permanently cleaned even during short drives.


  • No time-consuming and cost-intensive installation and removal
  • Permanent and complete filter cleaning while driving
  • No system errors
  • Secondary emissions are avoided
  • No long downtimes in the workshop


With regular use, the high-performance cleaner for diesel particle filters prevents the filter from clogging and thus also prevents it from failing prematurely. The product can be used in all diesel engines and can be mixed with all diesel fuels. Regular addition every 3 – 4 months before refueling is recommended. One can is sufficient for 40 to 80 liters.


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