Saving fuel made easy

Saving fuel made easy

Saving fuel made easy 2048 1449 Wilhelm Wust

Dietmar S. from Bavaria (Germany) reports:

“I got a VW Passat Variant as my last company car in 2017 and drove it 216,608 km over 4 years. Since I am very impressed by the car, I have decided to replace it privately from the leasing contract. Since then, my wife has been driving it at an average of 600 km a month.

When I then noticed in January 2021 that the average consumption had increased to 7.93 liters/100 km, a friend recommended the PRO-TEC Common Rail Diesel System Cleaner to me. After just the first tank of fuel, the consumption fell back to a moderate 6.65 litres/100 km. And a year later, when the average consumption was 7.05 liters/100km, I was able to reduce consumption to 5.15 liters/100km by adding the PRO-TEC cleaner.

For me, this is clear proof that PRO-TEC fuel system cleaners keep their promises. For me, a clear reason to use the Common Rail Diesel System Cleaner every six months between services!”

Picture: Passat Variant B8 | Erstzulassung 01/26/2017 | 2000 ccm | 140 KW / 190 PS | © Leon Skibitzki