Rust Remover with freeze-shock effect for fast release of obstinate, sluggish and corroded parts. Good penetration and wetting action due to the unique combination of active substances with high capillary effect. The surface to which the spray is applied cools down to -40°C within a few seconds which breaks up the dirt and rust built up. The shock rust remover acts reliably and speeds up maintenance and repairs without much effort and time. The rust remover provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, prevents new rust and is neutral to plastics and paint.

Application area

Releases stuck bolts, screws, nuts, pins, hinges, etc. Connecting and fastening parts of all kinds are released quickly and without destruction.

Application nodes

Shake can well before use. Ensure surface is clean and free from dirt and grease. Spray onto surface in a short distance (approx. 15 cm) and allow to penetrate it about 2 minutes. If necessary, repeat process.


Depending on Application

Treatment time

approx. 2 min

Weight N/A