Special high-quality lubricants and anti-seize with really good dividing features and anti-seize effect due to a combination of molecular copper particles and a high lasting full synthetic cement. This product is especially for high temperature and used at screw connections and separating areas, which suffer high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive effects, for example, at compressors-and turbine screws, exhaust screws or spark plug windings.

Application area

Perfect use for cable drums, exhaust systems, heating butterfly valve, break stand pipe at disc breaks, breaks cam, etc., first class separating application at hot-screws, assembling help for check rails, screw connections and flanges, makes thread cutting easier, protects visible Screws and other moveable parts or hinges.
Temperature range for Application : – 30 °C up 1200 °C.

Application nodes

Shake well before use. The surface which will be treated must be cleaned before using the application.


Depending on the application

Weight N/A