Oil System Cleaner Hybrid removes operational residues and sludge build-up on the entire oil and lubricating system of hybrid vehicles. All residues and carbon build up in the piston rings and in the upper cylinder area are completely eliminated. Harmful engine acids are neutralized. This allows an efficient lubrication of all components of the internal combustion engine of hybrid vehicles, especially during the cold start phase, in which the engine is more frequently in due to its lower operation. This leads to reduced fuel consumption, improved engine performance, less wear on the aggregates and longer catalyst life. In addition, hybrid internal engine cleaning protects the engine during the cleaning process with highly effective lubrication components.

Application area

Use in oil and lubricant circulation in 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines.

Application nodes

Add Oil System Cleaner to the hot oil circuit.* After exposure time change hot oil and filter according to manufacturer’s instructions.

*Note: For instructions on how to start the internal combustion engine while standing, refer to the user manual. Alternatively, contact your authorized dealer.


300ml treats up to 5 liters of oil. Mixing ratio: 1:15

Treatment time

approx. 15 minutes with engine running

Weight N/A