Disinfect and ensures fresh and clean air in the vehicle interior. The air conditioning works more efficiently and with optimal Cooling capacity. The product gives the entire vehicle interior, such as. B. upholstery, carpets and headliner one pleasant and fresh fragrance. Recommended use every 6 months.

Application area

Disinfect and odor removal in vehicle interiors and automotive air conditioning systems. Use in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, etc.

Application nodes

Evaporator 5-10 min. Dry with the following settings: Motor: On, A / C: Off, Air supply: Recirculated air, Temperature: Warm, Fan: Max. Then place Klima Fresh in the footwell of the vehicle, switch on the air conditioning and switch to recirculation (fan: on highest setting, temperature: cold) and press the self-timer button on the can. Keep doors and windows closed.
Empty the can after approx. 1 min. Let the vehicle continue to run for approx. 3-5 min. Then interior after application ventilate well.


100 ml for one application

Treatment time

about 3-5 minutes

Weight N/A