Bio surface cleaner is a natural product with excellent cleaning power. The Product cleans and disinfects all surfaces, such as B. leather, textiles, plastic, paint, glass etc. Bio surface cleaner is special Gentle on the skin and anti-allergenic and 100% biodegradable. Works afficient against viuses (SARS, COVID-19)

Application area

For all water-resistant surfaces, e.g. Plastic, textiles, leather in the industrial, workshop and household sectors.

Application nodes

Shake the product well before use and check for material compatibility at a hidden location!
Spray onto the to be cleaned surfaces and leave to work for a short time. Then remove the impurities with a hand brush and wipe with a cloth. Repeat the process for particularly stubborn soiling. Attention!


depending on the degree of soiling approx. 10–30 ml / m² (ready to use)

Treatment time

approx. 30 sec

Weight N/A