Automatic dosage system for permanent valve protection in gas engines. ATTENTION: Use only in combination with LPG Valve Lube

Kit contains:
1 reservoir with sight glass and hose, 2 assembly screws, 1 cradle, 1 tee-piece, 3 cable clips

Application nodes

Installation – engine compartment
Locate a suitable position in the engine bay to attach the lubricant reservoir. i.e. a place away from areas of extreme heat. Ensure the reservoir is mounted no higher than the lubricant inlet port into the engine in order to eliminate the possibility of siphoning. Remove the lubricant reservoir from the cradle. Install the cradle in vertical position at the vehicle. Use the screws provided. Insert the lubricant reservoir so that the sight glass is visible and the lubricant flow adjustment screw is accessible.

Installation – intake system
For the best performance the inlet port for the LPG Valve Lube system should be located behind the butterfly valve of the carburettor/injection system. Often a suitable existing port can be located on the carburettor – intake system. You can then utilize this port by bridging (tee-piece Connector-provided) into the vacuum line. If you are unable to locate a suitable existing port (brass connector needed, 2.5 mm), you will then need to drill a 2.5 mm hole into either the spacer block beneath the carburettor, or directly into the inlet manifold behind the butterfly valve (50 mm-100 mm). Tap the hole (use grease on the tap to prevent swarf from entering the inlet manifold) then screw the threaded brass connector and lock it in position with. Please note: we recommend that a suitable sealant be applied to the threaded connector in order to eliminate the possibility of a vacuum leak.

Fill the reservoir with 350 ml LPG Valve Lube, doesn’t overfill, and close the filling port. The flow adjustment screw is used to set the amount of LPG Valve Lube. Start the vehicle an adjust, during idle. Within a minute approximately 12 drops liquid should run through the sight-glass. Thereafter, concentrate on getting a minimum ratio of 1 ml of LPG Valve Lube per 1 ltr. of fuel. The easiest way to do this is each time you top up your fuel tank, take note of how many litres you have put in. Then check the reservoir to see how many ml of fluid has been used.

Please Note
Due to the purity of the LPG Valve Lube, only minor adjustments are required on the needle valve. Other brands of lubricants will be unsuitable in this unit. They may not mix or vaporize properly in the air/fuel-stream. Most problems can be traced to unsuitable vacuum port.

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