High-performance lubricant with excellent releasing agent properties and anti-seize effect due its special formula consisting of molecular copper particles and high-resistant fully-synthetic binding components. The product is perfectly suitable for use at highest temperatures, for bolted joint connections and joint faces which are exposed to high temperatures, pressure and corrosive influences, e. g. bolts for compressors, turbines, exhaust pipes or sparking plug threads. Temperature range for application: –30 °C up to 1200 °C

Application area

Perfectly suitable for hoisting drums, exhaust systems, heater throttle bodies, brake shafts of brake discs, brake camshaft etc. First-class releasing agent for hot bolts, mounting lubricant for shrink fitting, guiding systems, bolted joint connections and flanges Ensures easier threadcutting Protects uncovered screw joints and other moving parts or joints.

Application nodes

Shake can well before use. Spray evenly onto the surface to be treated.


Dependend on Application

Weight N/A