High-temperature Paste – Ceramic base, brushable as lubricant, release agent and corrosion protection. Prevents freezing, cold welding, seize up and slip stick. Metal free. Perfect protection of wear and corrosion. Universal compatible. Resistant against hot and cold water as well as acids and leaches.

Application area

For all moving, adjusting and connecting parts of vehicles brake systems (suitable for ABS brake systems, ASR, ESP systems). Assembling aid on machines as well as prevents damage and wear of bearings, sliding brackets screw couplings and plug connections. Also suitable for other lubrication proposes in high pressure and high temperature areas.

Temperature-range: -40 °F bis 2732 °F

Application nodes

Clean the treated parts and afterwards apply the assembling-paste with a brush. Advice: Do not apply on brake discs and brake pads.


Depending on application

Weight N/A