Highly active foam cleaner for the thorough and residue-free removal of stubborn stains. Removes unpleasant odors, bacteria, mold and fungi quickly and easily. Particularly suitable for streak-free cleaning of smooth and lacquered surfaces (eg. Glass). Also ideal for cleaning textiles, varnishes and rubber (other than leather not affected).

Removes stubborn stains such as: oil, grease, ketchup, blood, insects, food and beverage residues, ink, gray haze and much more.

Application area

cars, boats, motorcycles and household – for gentle cleaning of glass, ceramics, plastics, painted wood, textile, etc.

Application nodes

Spray foam on the surface to be cleaned and allow it to penetrate. Then with a clean cloth or sponge absorb the dissolved contaminants. The multi-foam can be easily applied to horizontal as well as vertical surfaces, adheres to the sprayed points, thus allowing the best cleaning results.


Depended on contamination

Treatment time

approx. ca. 30-60 seconds

Weight N/A