Preventive maintenance prevents costly repairs!

Preventive maintenance prevents costly repairs!

Preventive maintenance prevents costly repairs! 2048 1365 Wilhelm Wust

Operational coking or contamination often causes injection nozzles to wear out prematurely. But this time consuming and costly repair work does not always have to be!

Most engines require injection nozzles (gasoline engine) or injectors (diesel engine) so that the combustion chamber receives the correct dose of fuel before each combustion cycle. But these precision instruments are also prone to defects.
In the past these worked mechanically. However, due to today’s demands on engines, such as lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, they require much more precise injection through electronically controlled solenoid valves.

Each cylinder needs an injection valve which atomizes a very fine fuel mist either in the intake tract (intake manifold injection) or in the combustion chamber (direct injection). This atomization is essential for clean and optimal combustion and requires an injection pressure of up to 2,500 bar in modern common rail diesel engines.


Hole in the piston crown due to a defective injector.

But the technology is usually more vulnerable, the more precisely it works. Inferior fuel, condensation in the fuel tank or operational coking can clog the tiny openings in the nozzles and cause devastating damage to the entire system. Since the atomization no longer works properly, a fuel jet can arise which burns on the piston crown and thus even creates holes in the piston. But all other components can also wear out due to the increased pressure and heat and thus cause poor combustion. This is often noticeable when driving in higher fuel consumption, strong engine vibrations at the traffic lights, a stuttering acceleration or unusual noises from the engine compartment.

The consequences are often expensive and time consuming repairs, since in most cases the engine has to be dismantled.

The professional and highly effective system cleaners from the bluechemGROUP create a time saving and cost effective alternative here. We recommend to regularly clean the entire system with our Fuel System Cleaner (FSC) for gasoline engines or Diesel System Cleaner (CRDSC) for compression ignition and also add our Guard Fill Petrol or Diesel to the fuel as a preventive measure.


Injector before and after cleaning.

When cleaning with our products, soiling is not loosened by frequently used simple alcohols (which can lead to further blockages in other areas), but molecularly finely dissolved and thus simply burned and emitted. In addition, water generated by refueling or condensation is eliminated in the entire fuel system.

If you have any questions on the subject, please do not hesitate to contact our service team or your customer advisor.


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