Prevent turbocharger damage and avoid expensive repairs

Prevent turbocharger damage and avoid expensive repairs

Prevent turbocharger damage and avoid expensive repairs 2048 1365 Wilhelm Wust

More and more workshops are confronted with turbocharger damage. However, an expensive replacement can be avoided in most cases with the right care.

The turbocharger is fundamentally not considered a classic wear part, but should outlast the life of a car. Since the components are manufactured with tolerances of up to 1 / 1,000 millimeters and nowadays reach speeds of over 300,000 rpm, even small errors or irregularities can often have fatal consequences. This means that failures or damage occur again and again, which can often only be remedied through expensive repair measures.

During repairs, mostly only the errors are corrected, without looking for the causes and eliminating them. That is why it happens again and again that the new component cannot achieve its foreseen service life either. The most common causes of a total failure of the turbocharger are:

  • Insufficient engine oil lubrication
  • lack of oil
  • Foreign particles in the engine oil
  • Dirt and deposits in the engine oil
  • Increased exhaust back pressure

These are malfunctions that can be avoided and remedied with the right prevention and professional service.

Inadequate oiling and dirt particles that penetrate the turbocharger’s lubrication circuit are the kryptonite for the bearing points. In the case of the mostly built-in turbochargers, the turbine wheel, compressor wheel and shaft no longer run on ball bearings, but are instead mounted in hydrodynamic plain bearings. The lubricant pressure builds up automatically at those points where the force is transmitted between the two bearing parts. If this oil film breaks off due to the above-mentioned causes, it can quickly lead to fatal damage and in extreme cases even shear off the shaft.

The bluechemGROUP has been investigating and developing problem cases like this for over 30 years. Because in most cases, a cost-intensive replacement or repair is not absolutely necessary due to the correct maintenance and care. In most cases, our cleaning and care products can prevent the causes as they arise. The effectiveness has already been confirmed several times by independent laboratories and institutes, such as the TÜV Thuringia.

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