Oil System Care

Oil System Care

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The engine oil is also considered the blood of the engine. It is primarily responsible for the lubrication, cooling and cleaning of the entire oil circuit.

An engine consists of numerous moving metal parts that constantly rub against each other. This requires a lubricant that reduces this friction and thus helps protect the engine from damage and wear. It also cools components such as the pistons and at the same time seals them together with the piston rings from the combustion chamber. Another task of the engine oil is to loosen deposits and prevent them from forming again. It thus ensures that the engine remains clean and is protected against corrosion.

Due to the constant further developments in terms of consumption optimization and emission avoidance, the demands on a modern engine oil are increasing. Many oil manufacturers develop and sell lubricants and do without high-quality additives, which are essential for the performance and thus the fulfillment of the oil’s task. A good motor oil that not only meets the standards of the car manufacturer, but even exceeds them, is a lot more expensive in development and production and therefore more expensive for the customer in the end.

Image: Filling in the new engine oil


Motor oils for workshops, hardware stores and supermarkets should usually not cost a lot of money, although the essential additives are usually dispensed with. Thus, most oils can be significantly improved. Especially with long-life oils, compromises are being made more and more these days, which have a negative impact on their quality.

With the oil care products from the bluechemGROUP, there is a cost-effective alternative that adds these important additives even after the oil change.

The oil performance improver significantly reduces wear on all moving parts and fills indentations caused by wear that can form on piston walls. It is particularly compatible with materials and keeps O-rings supple.


Image: Visualized additive chains in a motor oil


The benefits of oil system care

  • Increases the performance of the engine oil
  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Deposits in the oil are prevented
  • Protects against corrosion and oil sludge
  • Gaskets and O-rings are kept supple and cared for
  • Neutralizes dangerous engine acids
  • Product is free of ash and heavy metals

For the best effectiveness of the product, we always recommend an oil change with our oil system cleaners.

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