New look. Same quality.

New look. Same quality.

New look. Same quality. 2048 1152 Jan Rudolph

With the aim of clearer communication and more understandability, we decided to tidy up on our bluechem product labels.
The product labels are now also visually adapted to the existing print media and thus result in a uniform overall image of the bluechem brand.

What’s new?

  • Tidy contemporary design
  • Focus on brand logo
  • Striking accent colors to easily identify the product category
  • Application text with supportive pictograms
  • Improved readability thanks to the black script on a light reason
  • QR code for the website\bluechem
  • Soft touch effect: matt foil laminate of the labels

What’s next?

In the next few months, we will change the individual types of labels step by step. Starting with the main products such as Oil System Cleaner (33018), Fuel System Cleaner (33028), Diesel System Cleaner (33038), Nano Engine Super Protection (33181) and Oxicat (33230). In the time of the changeover, a mixing of old and new product labels is not avoidable. Storage stocks are used up and processed for the time being. This applies to both the European standard labels and country -specific variants. The labels for new products or range extensions are now being equipped with the new design.

We are now looking forward to the global rollout!