Nano Headlight Restore Kit

Nano Headlight Restore Kit

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Value retention and restoration of plastic headlights.

Faded or yellowed headlights do not always have to be replaced, which is expensive. In most cases, the preparation with the bluechemGROUP Nano headlight Restore Kit is sufficient.

Every time you drive, headlights are exposed to the elements such as wind, sun, dust, dirt, insects, rain, ice and snow. Due to the constant stress, the transparent plastic becomes dull, milky and yellowed over the years – with fatal consequences for your own safety and the safety of other road users. Because even the smallest scratches on the surface can break the light beam and thus dazzle oncoming traffic and significantly reduce your own visibility in the dark.

In order to avoid an expensive replacement of the headlights and still ensure maximum safety, we recommend treating weathered or incorrectly polished plastic headlights with our Nano Headlight Restore Kit.


The application with the 7-part set guarantees the best possible preparation of the surface and thus the restoration of the optimal light output. In addition, the specially developed and globally tested Nano Finisher offers optimal long-term protection against renewed external damage to the headlight lenses.

Furthermore, the process with our high-quality care products offers an effective and cost-effective way of maintaining the value of the vehicle.

Picture: left – scratched and yellowed headlight, Right – Headlight after application with the Nano Headlight Restore Kit



Simple and fast application

  1. Preparation
    Clean the headlights and the body parts. Mask surrounding body parts with the tape.
  2. Clean and Grind
    Spray the Nano finisher evenly onto the headlight and start the restoring process with the sandpaper
  3. Polish
    Polish the headlights with the pre-polishing paste and the fine-polishing paste. Now the headlights shine again.
  4. Sealant
    In order to protect the restored headlight surfaces the Nano Sealant will be applied. Remove the masking tape and apply, using the microfiber cloth, the sealant evenly onto the headlight. Done!


Mode of action

Thanks to the specially developed components, the headlights are freed from all dirt, scratches and yellowing without aggressive cleaning agents. The highly effective nano-sealing also forms a protective barrier and thus acts like a shield against the effects of the weather and renewed fading due to a scratched surface.


The advantages

  • Easy restoration and value retention at an affordable price
  • brilliant shine of the headlights
  • chemical free easy cleaning
  • long-time protection against contamination
  • dirt, water and oil resistant


“bluechemGROUP in harmony with vehicles and environment.”

Leon Urban
Project Management / Product Management