Air Condition Foam Cleaner

Air Condition Foam Cleaner

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Maintenance and care of the evaporator of the air conditioning system including the housing..

When the air conditioning system is switched on, heat and moisture are removed from the vehicle interior via the evaporator located in a housing, or the interior temperature is adjusted during heating operation.

When it works normally, condensation forms, which is discharged to the outside via a drain usually located under the vehicle. The constant temperature difference in the humidifier basin can quickly become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, germs, mold and other microorganisms. Their extremely aggressive excretions can clog the drains and ensure that the condensed water can no longer escape properly.


The consequences can be fatal.

In addition to the falling performance of the air conditioning system, the microorganisms in particular can lead to allergies and respiratory diseases – the air conditioning system becomes a slingshot of bacteria!

Image: Air conditioning evaporator with harmful organisms sludge Source:


Recognize the first signs early

Before symptoms such as irritation of the respiratory tract, eyes and mucous membranes appear, the danger in the air-conditioning system is identified by an unpleasant musty and musty smell. But the first microorganisms have already settled here and are producing the dangerous biomass.


React in time

In order to prevent such a development, the bluechemGROUP has developed a range of products specifically for the maintenance of the air conditioning system. Regular use is recommended to prevent the development of germs, bacteria, etc. from the start. But even without the preventive measure, the air conditioning system can be completely cleaned and disinfected with the products in a material-friendly manner.


Air conditioning foam cleaner – cleans, disinfects, optimizes.

After the evaporator has dried for approx. 5-10 minutes (circulating air supply at warm temperature), the cleaning and disinfecting foam is inserted into the drainage hose using the adapter supplied and the entire contents of a can are sprayed into the evaporator unit. Here the foam spreads across the entire evaporator and reliably dissolves all dirt and organisms. The dissolved particles are flushed out of the vehicle via the air conditioning drain system. The cleaning process is completed after approx. 15 minutes and the system is again in a proper condition.



  • Healthy indoor climate in the vehicle
  • Optimum air conditioning performance is restored
  • 9% of microorganisms are eliminated
  • The air quality in the vehicle is significantly improved
  • Tested material compatibility
  • No aggressive cleaning components

We recommend thorough cleaning of the air conditioning system once a year. The pollen filter should always be changed as well.

Watch Klima Fresh product video

In order to clean the vehicle interior and the air ducts, we also recommend regular use of our Klima Fresh – perfect climate performance with a clean and fresh room climate in every vehicle.


“bluechemGROUP in harmony with vehicles and environment.”

Josef Kluy
(Professor h.c. Westpoint China Automotive Technical College)
International Business Development