AutoX3 launch at Automechanika Dubai

AutoX3 launch at Automechanika Dubai

AutoX3 launch at Automechanika Dubai 1600 813 Wilhelm Wust

With the introduction of the new AutoX3 workshop software, we are entering a new level and will revolutionize the automotive industry again.

We regularly attend most of the Automechanika shows around the world and have been at Automechanika Dubai for 8 years. For us it is always a very good opportunity to be present for our partners and customers, to open up new markets in the Middle East and Africa, and to present our latest products and innovations.

The highlight at Automechanika Dubai 2021 – AutoX3


New innovation

After our high-quality and successful additives, lubricants and workshop equipment, we are bringing our next innovation to the global market with the workshop software “AutoX3”. The intelligent and customer-oriented software is intended to help technicians in the future to provide information on service and exchange work with customers. When talking to the customer, each fault can then be shown directly by image or video and any consequential faults / damage can be explained very easily using a diagram or animation. The program runs completely cloud-based, which means that all order-related and personal data is safely stored and can be managed.

“After 3 years of hard work and investments, we are now all the more proud to be able to present our revolutionary product to all workshops,” said Joseph Kluy (Honorary Professor, Westpoint China Automotive Technical College), founder of AutoX3 and Head of International Business Development at bluechemGROUP .


Relevance for all markets

The product is relevant for all markets around the globe, as the requirements in workshops are more or less similar. Most OEMs have DMS software, but very few of them have customer-facing software that they use to talk to customers about service issues. The best thing about AutoX3 is that it offers different modules specifically for segments like tires, bodywork, etc; So the user doesn’t necessarily have to pay for all the modules and can only choose what they need, which makes it a truly modular solution.


The introduction for the European market is planned for the beginning of next year.