AUTOPROFI Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blade

AUTOPROFI Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blade

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Do you know? – On a sunny winter day, you get in your car to run a few quick errands. The ride would normally be very pleasant however the vehicle ahead of you keeps spreading salty residual moisture on your windshield. Since visibility is poor, you activate, as usual, the windscreen wiper. But instead of a clear view, you now look through a salty, road grime and water smeared windscreen… suddenly it comes to your mind: The replacement of the wipers is long overdue!

Does that seem familiar to you?

With AUTOPROFI’s new standard of Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blades we now have an optimal solution for all vehicles, also with conventional wiper blades. AUTOPROFI Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blades ensure a perfect wiper result and thus ensures an optimal view even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Worn conventional wiper blades

New AUTOPROFI Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blades

Safety on the road? Wiping performance decides:

For more visibility and safety …

The AUTOPROFI aerodynamic premium wipers assure an optimal cleaning performance due to the constant pressure balance along the entire length of the wiper.

The aerodynamic design reduces flow noise allowing for a smooth operation and the special rubber-silicone mixtures achieve the best transparent results in both cold and warm weather.

  • Perfect cleaning performance, best visibility and safety
  • Aerodynamic design ensuring minimum noise (at around 140 km/h)
  • Perfect fit, no heavy metal-structure
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple and quick installation

The 12 supplied adapters ensure that the wipers fit on every vehicle and can be replaced easily and quickly when necessary.

Technische Merkmale

  • Highest wipe quality through constant pressure along the entire flat blade
  • Anti-lift and anti-noise spoiler system integrated into the rubber profile
  • Enhances the vehicle aesthetics design
  • No heavy metal-structure

Easy to use

Simply replace and be convinced by the benefits of the new Aerodynamic Prime Flat Blade. 12 adapters included!



Effectively present the wipers!

To best market the wipers, AUTOPROFI offers a high quality product display as a complete set for point-of-sale. This display will grab the attention of your customers and promote more sales

The bluechemGROUP and their partners only offer products with the very best quality. Therefore, we not only rely on highly effective system cleaners but also on excellent accessory products, in this case with our premium wiper blades. After all, the wipers must clean the glass of your car more than 750,000 times, which corresponds to a total area of around 60 soccer fields!

Decide for the AUTOPROFI premium wiper blades today and you will receive a perfect cleaning performance for the best view and safety! So you are guaranteed to have great visibility when it matters the most 😉

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“bluechemGROUP in harmony with vehicles and environment.”

Josef Kluy
(Professor h.c. Westpoint China Automotive Technical College)
International Business Development