A year like no other

A year like no other

A year like no other 1294 500 Wilhelm Wust

Dear fellow colleagues, business partners, distributors, supporters and friends of the bluechemGROUP,

a very turbulent year 2020 is coming to an end!

The main topic of course is the corona pandemic. Despite of not being directly active in the pandemic concerned business areas, the bluechemGROUP however and it is all customers and Importers was badly affected as well.

In spring one country after another went into lockdown and whole markets went within days to zero activity. First, a heavy shock for us all and a situation no one has ever experienced so far before.

Surprisingly fast however the situation changed into good and the collapsed sales came back mostly better than even expected. In fact, lots of our customers even exceeded their turnover compared to the year before. Fortunately, many customers and Importers have even achieved their record sales ever, in 2020.

In other areas the markets are still down and far away from normal unfortunately. Nowadays Europe and Germany faces the second complete lockdown, but we all hope that the situation will get better or more relaxed in due course.

Especially for us, a company internationally present with customers and importers in more than 100 countries, 2020 has changed a lot very rapidly.

Suddenly almost no meetings and customer visits, no national and international trainings or presentations for existing and new customers, less until zero customer visits, all planed exhibitions and shows suddenly cancelled, and many countries still now totally closed or due to quarantine regulations not reachable at all.

Nonetheless and fortunately we had so far no corona case in the factory and the production was always fully under operation; but we had to learn very quickly, as many others as well, to modify, change, alter and digitalize many processes as best as possible. Switching to digital meetings, online presentations and customer trainings through Zoom and Teams, Home office in sales and distribution, expansion of telephone and online sales, digitalizing as many processes as possible and more was the consequences but also positive teaching of the pandemic to us. We will now further concentrate on this and soon we will introduce new online modules, webinars and videos for sales, marketing, technique and training.

As well as we are going to have regular scheduled digital meetings and technical online trainings out of our office and workshop, besides many new upcoming innovations in products in 2021 as well.

Now however we all hope that the year will finally end in a good way and the situation gets better soon. The most important anyway is always to stay safe and healthy!

In this sense I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the huge commitment, the strong loyalty, trust and solidarity to the bluechemGROUP and its Team.

I wish you and your beloved one’s restful days in this festive season, Merry Christmas, a Happy New and prosperous Year 2021 and a splendid start into it!


Lots of luck and happiness with all your plans and projects!
Stay safe and healthy!

Yours sincerely

Werner Urban
(CEO/President of the bluechemGROUP)