Monday, March 5, 2018

The champion prevails

With a clear goal, our PRO-TEC rider Richard Geyer started last Saturday (03.03.2018) at the additional race of this year's season of Drift On Ice in the Waldbad Oberau: he wanted the victory. "After winning the title of the 6th PRO-TEC Cup, my plan was to crown the season", he says with a confident smile on his face. His hardest opponent was the tricky natural ice, which is known to always provide a surprise. His teammate Ronny Weis, on the other hand, could not cause him any problems, as he was already on a well-deserved holiday.

How Richard Geyer has managed to master the Waldbad and to win, we summarized in this report:

Convincing in the preliminary rounds

For that Richard Geyer could put his plan into action, the first hurdle was to overcome the heats. However, as in many races of the 6th PRO-TEC Cup, he had no problems. With a big lead, he won all of his four appearances and moved confidently into the final with eight points.

Strategically in the final

Although Richard Geyer was the first to choose his starting position in the final, this time he refused the inside lane and instead decided to start from the outside. He explains: "I had looked closely at the ice and saw that there was more snow on the outer track. That is why I assumed that there is more grip on the outside, which encourages a good start and a quick first lap – and that is just how it was!" Richard Geyer had a fantastic start, initially stayed on the outside and then moved to the inside. He increased the gap on Wojciech Lisiecki from round to round and got the desired victory. In third place was Sergei Malyshev.

Best entertainment in the side program

As usual, the Quads and the 50cc Kids were also part of the additional event at Waldbad Oberau. Alexander Hauswald was able to prevail in the Quads this time and took the deserved victory. Frieda Thomas was the winner of the Kids. With a narrow lead, she took the victory on the difficult natural ice.

The bluechemGROUP would like to thank all participants for a thrilling final event of Drift On Ice 2017/18!