Monday, February 5, 2018

Team PRO-TEC is unbeatable

What a race! Last Saturday (February 03, 2018), there was pure excitement at the second event in this year's season of Drift On Ice in Jonsdorf, Saxony. From the thrilling opening show to the breathtaking battles for the 6th PRO-TEC Cup and the sensational supporting program, the audience was treated to the best entertainment. In return, the Eissporthalle Jonsdorf had a fantastic atmosphere!

For our PRO-TEC riders Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer, the race ended with a place on the podium, but there was only one, who could hold the winner's cup in his hands:

Team PRO-TEC – invincible in the heats

"For for me, it was not surprising that those drivers who have PRO-TEC support were always at the top!", said Ronny Weis with a wink, referring to the achievements of Team PRO-TEC in the heats. Both he and Richard Geyer each took four wins and eight points. They rushed after each start to the top and were uncatchable. Ronny Weis explains: "The ice was just perfect on Saturday; I already noticed that during training. The bike had a good grip on the rear wheel and was absolutely brilliant – these were the perfect conditions for our walkover!"

Finale – there can only be one

In addition to Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer, Sergei Malyschew reached the finale as the third driver. The Russian, who reached third place in Freital, was able to prevail in a decisive race against the Pole with equal points Wojciech Lisiecki. The start was as follows: Richard Geyer on the inside lane, Ronny Weis in the middle and Sergei Malyschew on the outside. When the race started, speedway veteran Ronny Weis got a dream start and took the lead. His opponents were just behind him. Now he had to decide: Either he blocks his teammate Richard Geyer and loses speed or he leaves a gap and keeps the pace so that Sergei Malyschew has no chance to overtake. He chose the speed and left some space for Richard Geyer. The young talent took advantage of this opportunity without hesitation and overtook Ronny Weis as soon as possible. From this moment, he was unstoppable and won the day's victory. His PRO-TEC colleague finished second. Sergei Malyschew reached third place.

Support program – exciting to the hair tip

Just as in the battle for the 6th PRO-TEC Cup, the 50cc kids also had a clear favorite. The young talent Frieda Thomas won every single run and also the day's victory. But behind her, there were tough fights. The young riders offered the audience absolutely amazing and exciting runs.

For the quads, the surprises were even bigger. Each of the four participants won a race in the heats. A clear favorite was not apparent. All riders proved they were capable of both dream starts and captivating overtaking maneuvers. Even more exciting was the final: who would prevail in this race? It was Alexander Hauswald. He won the last race and took home the day's victory.

Current standings:

  1. Ronny Weis / Richard Geyer: 19 points
  2. Sergey Malyschew: 16 points
  3. Jacob Bukhave: 13 points
  4. Zdenek Holub: 12 points
  5. Kevin Pedersen / Wojciech Lisiecki: 6 points

The next scheduled event of Drift On Ice is the final weekend on February 24/25, 2018 in Chemnitz and Dresden. If the temperatures stay the way they are, then maybe on the 17th or 18th of February 2018 the outdoor event in Waldbad Oberau will take place.

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP congratulates all winners of the second round of Drift and Ice!