Monday, April 23, 2018

Summer season started successfully

No more races on an icy ground: Team PRO-TEC has officially arrived in the dirt track season 2018. At the first race of the Czech Speedway Championship in Pardubice (April 18, 2018), Richard Geyer and Ronny Weis have participated for the first time this year in a competition beyond the ice rinks. Before, there was already an event in the Slovak Žarnovica (April 08, 2018), "but that was rather a test run for us and not yet a serious race", explains Ronny Weis. He continues: "In contrast, being invited as a guest starter to the Czech Championship and being in Pardubice, in particular, is a huge challenge. The field is extremely strong and the track is extremely wide, allowing five instead of four riders to start each race. We knew that would not be easy!"

Richard Geyer: Setback in heat 1

How legitimate the fears would be, especially the fresh talent Richard Geyer found out very quickly. Our youngster hit a hole in the ground in his first run, which led to a very rough clash with the boards. Fortunately, there were no broken bones, but his foot was badly damaged. After the shock had gone, he was still able to do his last two runs in pain, but for him, that was rather training runs and not more races that are serious.

Ronny Weis: A cup for the season opener

Ronny Weis got off to a good start and scored a total of 16 points in the heats thanks to two third and three first places. He then had to race a jump-off with Zheněk Holub (famous from Drift On Ice), who also scored 16 points. In this race, our PRO-TEC rider prevailed, securing third place. He said afterwards: "I am very satisfied with my result. Finishing 3rd place out of 20 riders is a nice start to the summer season. I would like to say thank you again for the invitation to Pardubice!" Hynek Štichauer finished in first place, second place went to Zdeněk Simota.

The bluechemGROUP congratulates Ronny Weis on the successful start and wishes Richard Geyer a quick recovery!