Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Season outlook: Ronny Weis

Not so long ago, our PRO-TEC rider Ronny Weis took the 2nd place in the Speedway Team Cup, the 2nd Speedway Bundesliga, with the Meissen Hornets. However, he did not have much time to celebrate this success because, in less than a month, the next challenge for him already begins: the title defense of Drift On Ice at the 6th PRO-TEC Cup. How he thinks about the upcoming races, he told us in a detailed interview.

Season aim:

"My big aim is to be among the top three again at the 6th PRO-TEC Cup. Of course, the overall victory would be nice, but defending the title is not an easy task because the quality of the drivers has risen again compared to last year. You have to prevail against international full and semi-professionals. Not only your own motivation and performance have to be right, you also need a perfect setup. In addition, we have only four races, if the weather prevents the planned outdoor event at Waldbad Oberau. Therefore, there are few possibilities to correct any mistakes. That is why I am carefully optimistic."


"If I want to realize my plan, there is only one strategy: I have to reach the podium at every single event. That, in turn, means that I must not make any mistakes in the heats. Because as already mentioned, the drivers are extremely strong. They will fight for every point and that from the first race. So the way to the final will not be an easy walk!"

Greatest fear:

"The horror scenario for me is a technical failure. Just imagine: I am in a top condition, I have the perfect setup – and then the chain breaks! That would be very bad. By such an incident, I could miss the final in a race, which would have a devastating effect on my season aim."

Season highlight:

"I have no specific highlight, but I am really looking forward to the entire season. There are many innovations, such as a new opening, a new lighting and a new paddock design, just to name a few. In addition, the improved quality of the drivers is reflected in all classes, which is why also the side program promises many exciting races.”

PRO-TEC support:

"In order to avoid the horror scenario which I mentioned earlier, I fully trust in PRO-TEC. For example, at every race, I use the Nano Engine Protect & Seal to protect the heart of my bike from increased wear. In addition, I always use the chain spray from the PRO-TEC BikeLine and the brake cleaner. Especially important is the Super-Lubricant, as it even at -5 °C has an optimal lubricating effect. Other products fail at such temperatures, but you can always rely on PRO-TEC! That way, I can always trust in the technology and focus on the race."

The bluechemGROUP thanks for the exciting interview and wishes Ronny Weis much success for the season of Drift On Ice!