Thursday, October 20, 2016

Season outlook: Richard Geyer

Everyone who has ever seen Richard Geyer at a race of Drift On Ice knows that our emerging talent from team PRO-TEC is usually the epitome of calmness. No visible excitement, no nervousness, no stress – but always concentrated in every second. Already now, just before the first race in the 2016/17 season, he seems to have entered this mode. At least, he gave this impression as he answered a few questions about his aims, strategies and fears for the 5th PRO-TEC Cup.

Season aim:

"In principle, I would like to finish every race in this season of Drift On Ice at the top. If I could succeed to get the title, as in the last two years, that would be great, of course!"


"As the various speedway races I participated in during the summer months have all gone very well, it is my plan to take that momentum into the 5th PRO-TEC Cup. I feel really fit and highly motivated, which will hopefully remain the whole season. My mechanics have already prepared my motorcycle optimally for the frosty conditions, with small improvements to the setup. I would like to present my best performance in every race, although this year it even would be theoretically acceptable to be less successful in one event as there are more races than in 2015/16."

Greatest fear:

"It is said that it is always easier to become champion than to defend the title. In the last season, I have succeeded, but whether I am able to do it this time, will still show. You may not always see it, but my biggest opponent is actually my own nervousness. In the last few years, it become much easier for me to deal with the pressure and to present myself best even in extreme situations, but a certain amount of strain is always there when I am on the starting line with my motorcycle.”

Season highlight:

"This question is easy to answer: Of course, I am looking forward to the opening race (October 31, 2016) in Dresden. The venue is not far from my hometown Meissen, so many friends and the family will be in the audience. I also like the hall in Dresden very much.

Another highlight will be in this season of Drift On Ice the weekend in Malchow (January 07/08, 2017), because we drive there in a very nice ice rink, which is absolutely new for me. This makes the race exit completely unpredictable. The cards are re-mixed and the day's performance decides – that is pure tension!"

PRO-TEC support:

"As in previous years, I am very glad that I can always rely on PRO-TEC. Especially the Super-Lubricant is my companion at every race, because I owe this product that I never had problems with a cracked chain. I am confident that it will not happen this year, too. This support makes it possible for me to concentrate fully on the races without worrying about the technology."

The bluechemGROUP thanks for this short season outlook and wishes Richard Geyer for the first race in Dresden (October 31, 2016) as well as, of course, for the title defense much success!