Friday, September 29, 2017

Continue on success!

Victory in Meissen, victory in Dohren – our PRO-TEC team, the MC Meissen Hornets, has already won two of its four speedway races in this year's Speedway Team Cup, the official 2nd Speedway Bundesliga. Last Sunday (September 24, 2017), the riders went to Haunstetten for their third race of the current season. The opponents this time were the MSC Berghaupten Black Forest Eagles, the MSC Diedenbergen Rockets and the hosting AMC Haunstetten Arrows. Our Speedway heroes, who returned to the Bundesliga after a 10-year break, presented an outstanding performance and delivered a captivating head-to-head race with the Rockets.

Fight for 2nd place

While it was relatively obvious that the Eagles would finish the race as a winner and the Arrows would not be lucky on that day, the midfield decision was unclear for very long. The Hornets and the Rockets were nearly tied in the preliminary runs, which did not allow a clear prognosis. Our PRO-TEC team from Meissen would have liked to make an earlier decision, but there were some difficulties. Ronny Weis explains: "The track in Haunstetten is actually designed for sidecars and therefore much longer than usual. We had to get used to it and find the right setup for the motorcycles. My team colleagues succeeded well, but I was much too slow in the first races on the long straights. The starts were good, but at the top speed, I simply could not keep up. That is why we could not get as many points as we wanted in the preliminary round." Before the big final, the Hornets had 28 points and the Rockets 29 points. The last runs would therefore decide. Fortunately, everything was right with the setup at this time. Our PRO-TEC riders took the lead and secured the second place with one more point – congratulations!

Currently, the MC Meissen Hornets are in second place in the table. The last race will take place on October 8, 2017, in Herxheim. Ronny Weis says: "If we make it back to the podium, we will be among the top three teams in the overall result – we are very excited and will give it all!"

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