Maximum concentration and excitement – in front of the starting belt there are 78 PS appearing as 500ccm bikes waiting for a daredevil race on the normal or icy race track to begin. Hot drifts and the striking smell of burnt methane – this is the combination for a unique event you have to experience by yourself.

The spectacle’s name is Speedway. It is the only racing event in the whole world, which has absolutely no brakes. The international bunch of drivers consists of old and young people as well and they all prove that you need the right amount of speed and sensitiveness. This is even more crucial for the legendary ice series that takes place every winter. Then on a place, where you can usually see fine pirouettes, there will be tough spikes hitting hard on the frozen floor - this is pure action!

The bluechemGROUP has been supporting the drivers of team PRO-TEC and since season 2012/13 the "PRO-TEC Cup". For us Speedway is a good chance for testing our products under extreme conditions. We gathered a lot of helpful insights by talking to drivers and mechanics, which led to better formulas.

The second race, the home race in Meissen, Germany, of this year's Speedway Team Cup (July 08, 2018) ended with a win for our PRO-TEC team.

Ronny Weis, our PRO-TEC rider, took second place together with Valentin Grobauer at the Speedway Pair Championship in Nagyhalasz (June 30, 2018).

The Meissen Hornets, our PRO-TEC team, has successfully entered the Speedway Team Cup 2018 with a 2nd place in Landshut (June 03, 2018).

Our PRO-TEC rider Richard Geyer dropped out of this year's European U21 Individual Speedway Championship at the semi-finals in Ukraine (May 19, 2018).

As "Team Germany", our two PRO-TEC drivers Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer lifted the trophy at the 15th Autohaus Cup on May 6, 2018.