If you ever visited a motocross event, you know the unbelievable tension on the track: the engines drone, the mud is flying and the atmosphere is amazing. We were also infected by this scene and we share the enthusiasm for the sport. That is why we did not hesitate to become a sponsor. Now we present our team MX for Life / bluechemgroup.com!

No secret: Many ambitioned motocross drivers know that you need more than excellent driving skills to win a race. In this sport the quality of your equipment matters a lot and we are very happy to be able to help with our care and service products. Simultaneously we can extend our know-how by talking to drivers and mechanics about their experiences. This way we can offer optimized products to our consumers.

Our team MX for Life / bluechemgroup.com will fight for further points on August, 8th/9th 2015 in (almost) full original cast plus one new rider.

When the fastest regional MX series in Germany will be found in the end of August, we support two drivers, who compete for the “Nordbayernserie”.

Felix Friedrich and Leon Urban from our team MX for Life / bluechemgroup.com did their best on the last weekend (July, 11th/12th 2015).

Despite difficult conditions our drivers from the Team MX for Life / bluechemgroup.com were very successful on the last weekend (June, 27th/28th 2015).

After the “Nordbayernserie” has paused for nearly two months, our team MX for Life / bluechemgroup.com can take off again this weekend.