Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Successful start of the season

Despite frosty temperatures, dense snowfall and even stinging ice rain, Florian and Tobias Just have successfully started the new season of the ADAC Rally Masters. The opening race, the Saarland-Palatinate Rally, ends for the sympatric rally team from the Bavarian town of Burgpreppach with third place (Florian) and fourth place (Tobias) in Division 5. In the overall standings of the 48 teams, they are now ranked 9th (Florian Just | Marco Schönfelder (co-pilot)) and in 14th place (Tobias Just | Sabrina Türk (co-pilot)).

Friday, March 2, 2018: Fight with ice and snow

The Rally Saarland-Palatinate is known above all for its changeable weather, but also for its spectacular special stages (SS). It is always one of the most demanding races in the seasonal calendar. This time, too, extreme weather conditions made the tracks as smooth as glass on the first day and therefore unpredictable. Many curves and sections were completely icy, although the organizer had tried to free the tracks from the ice in the days leading up to the rally. Under these conditions, the participants had to face five of the 12 special stages on Friday. The Rally Team Just started in the middle of the field. "We had a pretty high starting number, which is why we could hope for a free ideal line", said Tobias Just before the rally. With soft winter tires, both drivers went to the first stage in heavy snowfall. On SS1, both Florian Just and his younger brother Tobias kept slipping off the track and had to lose a lot of time. Nevertheless, it was #3 for Florian Just and #5 for Tobias Just after SS1! Both teams now knew the track conditions and the grip level, which is why the second test was mastered without mistakes. Due to the no longer guaranteed rescue chain in an accident, the organizer had to cancel the remaining tests.

Saturday, March 3, 2018: Solvable problems

As the snow had gone overnight and the tracks were cleared with snowplows, the start on the second day was much easier. Florian Just and Marco Schönfelder, as well as Tobias Just and Sabrina Türk, got into the race much easier. However, Tobias Just had to fight with misfires and thus lost valuable time repeatedly. The fault – a faulty throttle – was luckily found and fixed during the lunch service. A final showdown took place on the last test because the weather brought heavy snowfall again and put the tracks back into a veritable slide. In the end, it was the 3rd place (Florian Just) and the 4th place (Tobias Just) – congratulations!

The next race of the ADAC Rally Masters takes place around Sulingen on May 04/05, 2018.