Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Rally Team Just @ Wartburg Rally

Light and shadow are sometimes very close to each other. The Rally Team Just gathered this experience during the fifth round of the ADAC Rally Masters 2018 (July 27/28). For Florian Just and his co-pilot Marco Schönfelder, this year's Wartburg Rally offered some moments of success. Unfortunately, for Tobias Just and his co-pilot Sabrina Türk, the situation was less positive. On the total of 130 km, both couples put up a total of 13 special stages – the results in detail:

Friday, July 27, 2018: Traced by the past

Florian Just started the opening day of the Wartburg Rallye with a bad feeling. All too fresh were the memories of the electronics problems at the Rally Stemweder Berg, which had slowed him down at the last moment. This time, however, there was no difficulty. Florian and Marco mastered all special stages and secured a good starting position for the second day of the rally. Visibly relieved Florian said in the evening of the Friday: "The entire team has spent a lot of time in recent weeks to get the car ready to go – thank you very much!"

Things were not going well for Tobias and Sabrina. The shadows of the Rally Stemweder Berg, where the couple had a small accident, also weighed heavily on them. "It was difficult to get a feel for the car again. Everything felt incredibly unfamiliar", said Tobias. During the service after the third special stage, there was the resolution: "One of the front shock absorbers was leaking, so the handling was so spongy. Unfortunately, we could not solve this problem and had to stop early – really a pity!"

Saturday, July 28, 2018: With risk to the finish

While Tobias and Sabrina missed the second day of the race, Florian and Marco wanted to get more points. A total of eight tests were ahead of them and had to be mastered. Sovereign succeeded the two on Sunday to deliver solid performances. They even did not shy away from taking risks. "In special stage 10, the rain started unexpectedly. It was a pretty slippery ride with the slicks, but we still got the best time in our division and the fifth best time overall", they said afterwards. In the end, Florian Just and Marco Schönfelder came in second.

Current score:

  Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Total
Florian Just / Marco Schönfelder Place 3 / 15 Points Place 4 / 12 Points DNF (Did not finish) Place 2 / 18 Points Place 2 / 18 Points 63 Points / Place 6
Tobias Just / Sabrina Türk Place 4 / 12 Points Place 3 / 15 Points Place 1 / 25 Points DNF (Did not finish) DNF (Did not finish) 52 Points / Place 9


The bluechemGROUP as an official sponsor congratulates Florian and Tobias on the results and is already looking forward to the next race on September 07/08, 2018 in Osterode at the Rally Lower Saxony.