Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Nordschleife perfection training

The "Mother of all Racetracks", the "Green Hell" or just "The Ring" – there are many different names for the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. For many years, the approximately 20-kilometer-long track has had a great appeal that captivated hobby racers as well as professionals. Many have already tried their luck on the track, but not all have mastered it because it forgives no mistakes. If you want to be successful right from the start, you should better rely on a professional.

Werner Gusenbauer – a former drift champion and now a teacher

With the kind support of our PRO-TEC brand and numerous other partners, Auto Bild sportscars regularly organizes a special Nordschleife perfection training with the former German drift champion and quadruple 24-hour race class winner Werner Gusenbauer. On July 8/9, 2018, it was time again. Interested parties from all over Germany, including numerous workshop managers and vehicle fleet managers, took part in this unique event. Wilhelm Wust, marketing director of the bluechemGROUP, was also on site: "In summary, I have to say that the whole event had an incredibly professional atmosphere. As a representative of our workshop brand PRO-TEC, I felt very comfortable there. The participants were optimally coached by Werner Gusenbauer and his team. First, there was an explanation of the perfect line on the track at a track walk, and then it was time for instructed driving. After that, everyone was allowed to try himself or herself on the course and to perfect his or her driving style. Near the racetrack, the participants exchanged their experiences for the whole time. There was also great interest in our products and services, which of course fit perfectly with the harsh conditions on the racetrack."