Monday, May 14, 2018

bluechemGROUP and Werner Mühl

It was 1979 when Werner Mühl discovered his passion for motorsport. While at first, he was riding exclusively on two wheels in trial sports, in 1995 he switched to rallying after attending a rally on the Oschenberg near Bindlach. In the beginning, he relied on a Fiat Ritmo 105 TC. After some vehicle changes, he finally landed with his white BMW M3 Compact (built in 1995), a former car for mountainous terrain, which was specially rebuilt for the rally track.

Vehicle details:

  • M3 engine with 2,990 cc and 6 cylinders
  • 299 hp power
  • 5-speed Dogbox racing gearbox

In his long career, Werner Mühl has achieved numerous successes. He won several times the club championship, triumphed as regional team champion, won the BMV championships and achieved the NOO Cup. Werner Mühl has been supported by the bluechemGROUP since the 2018 season. He explains: "Above all, we are impressed by the Octane Premium, which is always used by us making a noticeable difference. Due to the product, we sometimes have time differences in tenths on the special stages. In addition, the Octane Premium provides one or the other horsepower and a better response throughout the rev range. Often these little things make for the desired success in a race!"

We look forward to an exciting season with Werner Mühl and wish maximum success on all scheduled dates!