Tuesday, July 25, 2017

YACO Racing: Bad luck in Zandvoort

Actually, YACO Racing wanted to get more points in this year's ADAC GT Masters. Actually, this aim should be achieved by a good place in qualifying. Actually, it was even the plan to build on the successes of last season. Actually …

Things turn out differently than you expect

Already before the race weekend, YACO Racing knew that Zandvoort would not be easy. "The driver’s field is getting more and more difficult every year. The quality of the teams, especially the ones that start with factory support, but also the great quality of the riders, make is not easy for "underdogs" like us to keep up", said Team Leader Uwe Geipel. Nevertheless, the sympathetic team from Plauen hoped to finally overcome the "Curse of the Qualifying" and maybe even reach the podium. "In any case, we wanted to prevent the danger of being pushed or turned by a competitor in the back part of the driver’s field. With a starting position in the top ten, everything would be possible for us in Zandvoort", explains Uwe Geipel. What remained in the end, however, was, in the words of Rahel Frey, unfortunately only a "lesson in character formation".

1st race, Saturday – DNF (Qualifying place 13)

With the 13th place in qualifying, YACO Racing was not in the top ten, but very close to further points. Accordingly, high tension was in the air as the race started on Saturday at 1:15 pm. A short time later, however, the excitement came to an abrupt end because the green Audi was already in a crash on lap one, which led to a premature ending. "Unfortunately, we did not come back from the start after the good qualifying in the first race, because the suspension broke when the crash occurred in turn 7. Very annoying, but that’s racing", says Uwe Geipel. Until late in the night, the mechanics worked on the damage to make the Audi fit again for the next race. Uwe Geipel explains: "It was finished at 2:30 am! Many thanks to our guys for the hard work. Thanks also to Audi Sport Customer Racing, which brought us an important spare part at 1:00 am."

2nd race, Sunday – Place 19 (Qualifying place 14)

On the second day of the race, everything should be different. In qualifying, it was again "only" place 14, but the points were at least very close. In the course of the race, Rahel Frey and Philip Geipel were able to go to the top despite adverse weather conditions, and finally even crossed the finish line in sixth place, but the joy was not a lasting one. "Zandvoort was anything but good to us this year. After the guys had rebuilt the car, we were able to drive in a turbulent rain race from P14 to P6. Unfortunately, we were punished in the event of a touch with another car under yellow with +30 seconds. So again no points and the unlucky streak continues to accompany us ...", Uwe Geipel summarizes the weekend.

As an official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP wishes YACO Racing all the best for the next race at the Nürburgring!