Monday, June 12, 2017

Defeating the Red Bull Ring

In 2015 and 2016, more or less, YACO Racing was lucky to leave the Red Bull Ring with points. In this year's season of the ADAC GT Masters, the team was able to reach the top ten on its own. Although Philip Geipel and Rahel Frey were not able to implement their plan and to get a good position in Qualifying, however, patience and endurance led to the desired goal. Because YACO Racing used persistently its chances and showed sensational catch-ups on both races, too, the team proved its competitiveness.

1st race, Saturday – Place 10 (Qualifying place 20)

As expected, it was not easy for the Audi with number #50 on the Red Bull Ring. "From the past few years, we knew that the long straights in connection with the height differences, which caused constant ups and downs, are a little poison for our car", explained Philip Geipel. He adds: "In addition, there was not a single free round with other drivers braking us." Therefore, it was only place 20 in Qualifying, but from there YACO Racing was able to work steadily forward and finally to finish 10th. On the first day of the race, the team was able to make its wish for further points in the league of super sports cars come true.

2nd race, Sunday – Place 13 (Qualifying place 20)

On the second day, the Qualifying was similar. Once again, YACO Racing did its best, but it was once again place 20. In the subsequent race, there were unfortunately fewer opportunities to move forward every round, so the top ten were near but could not be reached. In the end, the team finished 13th.

As official sponsor, the bluechemGROUP congratulates on the results of the Red Bull Ring and wishes all the best for the next race in Zandvoort!