This multipurpose lubricant forms a highly efficient NANO anti-friction barrier between the moving parts. This barrier is created by the especially formulated NANO-clusters with their extreme wear and tear protection properties.

• forms an extremely resistant lubrication film
• ideal for use under high-pressure conditions
• water-repellent, displaces moisture, highly adhesive
• perfectly suitable for long-term application
• extended life-span of the treated parts
• highly effective protection against wear and tear
• excellent “run-dry” properties.

Application area

Chains, ropes, rolls, bearings, chain inner bearings, gearwheels, worm gears, joints, clutches, wire ropes, hinges, o-rings, bowden cables, locks etc.

Application nodes

Shake well before use! Thoroughly clean the parts to be treated. Afterwards evenly spray the product onto the areas to be treated and let it take effect for a while.


For 5-10 applications

Treatment time

Works permanently

Weight N/A

0, 500ml