One component, elastic silicone for use in areas of high temperature. Silicone Sealing Compound Red is an alternative to common solid gaskets.

– permanently stays elastic and stable and seals everlasting
– bridges joints of different sizes
– resistant against water, salt water, oil, fat, cleaning liquids, hydrocarbon, diluted acids and lyes and many other chemicals

Application area

Seals metal parts (aluminum, cast, steel etc.), plastics, glass, ceramic an wood, for example oil pans, valve convers, water- and oil pumps, spur gear covers, differential seal, battery cases, headlights, backlights, protection cases, thermostat cases, gear oil pans, gear cases, engine front covers, drive shaft covers etc.

Application nodes

Sealing surface must be clean and free of dust, oil and fat. Old gasket need to be removed. Apply in the desired thickness and connect the parts.


Depending on application

Treatment time

Skin formation: about 5-10 min/ Hardening: approx. 0,04 inch/ 5 hours

Weight N/A