LPG Valve Lube is a high active fuel additive, reducing wear and tear of valves and valve seats of liquefied petroleum gas powered engines. The sensational product composition cleanes and lubricates the upper area of the combustion chamber and forms a protective barrier between valve and valve seat. The high active protection against wear and tear and the optimized dissipation of heat dissipation provide for an improved cooling of valves and valve seats. Suitable for vehicles with catalytic converter.

Your benefits:
– permanent lubrication of valves, thereby long term protection of valves and valve seats
– optimized fuel consumption and reduced exhaust gas emission
– removes reliably and lasting the contamination of the combustion chamber
– ensures safe lubrication
– optimal protection against “valve impact”
– extended life span of the engine

Application area

To use in automatic dispensers (e.g. Flashlube Lubrication System) of bivalent vehicles (gas/petrol powered)).

Application nodes

PRO-TEC LPG Valve Lube is only for application in automatic dispensers of bivalent vehicles (gas/petrol powered). Apply the product at a regular base to the automatic dispenser.
Attention: strictly follow the corresponding instructions of the manufacturer.


Automatical addition by the dispenser, approx. 50 ml sufficient for 50 litres fuel.

Treatment time

works during running

Weight N/A

1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L, 500ml, 1000L