powermaxx Bio Multi Spray – the No. 1 multipurpose lubrication spray! This allround lubrication spray combines the properties of penetration oil, lubrication oil, anti-corrosion oil, moisture displacement, cleaning and preservative agent in one product.
The product leaves a soft film on the parts treated and protects all moving parts and e.g. the entire auto-electrical system against corrosion and oxidation. Penetrates and drives away moisture, removes stubborn residues and loosens solid incrustations.

Bio Multi Spray prevents squeaking and keeps moving parts operating smoothly. Treats rubber components and prevents them from becoming hardened or stuck with frost. It stops leakage current, eliminates short circuits, cares for and protects the entire electrical system. This neutral product does not attack paints, metals, wood or plastics.

Application area

Universal use in workshops and industry. For all moving parts, e.g. hinges, locks, screws, crimp and plug connections, Bowden cables, the entire auto-electrical system etc.

Application nodes

Spray Bio Multi Spray onto the pre-cleaned parts to be treated.


For 5-10 applications

Treatment time

works permanently

Weight N/A