maxxpower premium ATF 4 is a high performance automatic transmission fluid for life time application in automatic transmissions of modern vehicles. An extremely shear stable VI improver in connection with modern anti-wear additives and friction modifiers guarantee stable long lasting performance in modern automatic transmissions equipped with an electronically controlled converter clutch.

Application area

maxxpower premium ATF 4 is an automatic transmission oil for use in servo steering systems, hydrodynamic converters and hydraulics in vehicles, trucks, buses and construction vehicles, for use where the manufacturer specifications state ATF Type 4 is required. Fully compatible with all Dexron IID and Dexron III ATF.

Application nodes

Specifications / Recommendations
MB 236.12
MB 236.14
Audi/VW G052 162 (A1,A2)
Porsche P/N 999 917 547 00
PSA Peugeot/Citroen P/N Z 000169756
Jaguar JLM 20238

Weight N/A

1L, 5L, 20L, 60L, 208L


maxxpower Premium