Automatic dosage system for permanent valve protection in gas engines. ATTENTION: Use only in combination with LPG Valve Lube

Kit contains:
1 x 500 ml LPG Valve Lube
Lubricant container with sight glass, Tube, 2 self-tapping mounting screws, 1 bracket with 2 cable ties, 1 threaded connection

Application nodes

The INSTALLATION is possible on carburetor and injection engines, the assembly can be found in the manual.

1. Fill the storage tank with approx. 400 ml LPG Valve Lube (do not overfll) and close it again.
2. Before using for the frst time, completely unscrew the needle valve to bleed the system.
3. Run the engine idling and turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise to increase the discharge rate (faster drip rate). To decrease the delivery rate (slower drip rate), turn the screw clockwise.
4. Set the drop rate to 12 drops per minute.
5. At the next refueling note down how many liters of fuel were consumed and compare this value with the consumed milliliters of the additive. The target is 1 ml of LPG Valve Lube per 1 liter of fuel. Consequently, you should consume 20 ml of LPG Valve Lube with 20 liters of fuel.
NOTE: This dosage should not be undercut. More LPG Valve Lube is better and can not damage your vehicle.

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