PRO-TEC Radiator Stop Leak reliable seals leaky water coolers and heat exchangers, leaking water pumps and valves, loose connections and cracked coolant hoses without clogging the system. The use of PRO-TEC Radiator Stop Leak increase the reliability and lifetime of the engine. Finally, the environmental impact is reduced through dense cooler. PRO-TEC Radiator Stop Leak is also ideally suitable for preventive applications.

Application area

Usage in all units and systems with closed water cooling circuit

Application nodes

Admit PRO-TEC Radiator Stop Leak to the coolant and set the heater to heat. After that check the sealing coolant level. Contains no toxic or irritant substances.


375 ml sufficient for 5 – 10 liters of cooling water. Mix Ratio 1:20

Treatment time

While engine is running

Weight N/A

5L, 10L, 25L, 200L, 375ml, 1000L, 1000ml