Hybrid fuel system cleaning is applicable in all hybrid vehicles with gasoline engines. The product removes operational residues, condensation and moisture from the fuel tank to the combustion chambers throughout the fuel system caused by the irregular short-term operation typical of hybrid vehicles. Likewise, hybrid fuel system cleaning combats the negative effects of fuel aging that is more common in hybrid vehicles. The product eliminates adhesions in the injector area as well as carbon residue, gumming and soot deposits throughout the upper cylinder area. This will be lubricated and protected.
– Clean, powerful combustion
– Noticeable fuel saving
– Improved engine performance
– Protection against rust and corrosion
– Protection against the effects of fuel aging
– Reduction of harmful exhaust gases
– Functionality preserved for high catalyst performance

Application area

Suitable for all hybrid vehicles with gasoline engines.

Application nodes

Add to the fuel system before filling up.


375ml sufficient for up to 80L gasoline fuel. Mixing ratio 1:200

Treatment time

Works while engine is running

Weight N/A