Klima Fresh cleans and disinfects your Air Conditioning System and effectively removes any unpleasant odours. Bacteria, spores, mould and micro organisms are eliminated and long term protection against their regeneration is guaranteed. This cleaning technology provides fresh, clean and healthy air inside the vehicle. Even equipment, upholstery and carpets are disinfected, refreshed and deodorised. It optimises cooling performance and extends the life of the A/C System. Klima Fresh is non-toxic, anti-allergic and uses a non-flammable propellant. We recommend an intensive cleaning with Klima Fresh every 6 month.

Application area

Klima Fresh has been especially developed for the easy, quick reliable cleaning and
disinfection of A/C Systems in vehicles, commercial vehicles and buses. It can also be used in
office rooms.

Application nodes

1. Drying of condenser: Start the engine, switch off the Air Conditioning A/C. Set the air flow to
recirculation on full fan power and maximum temperature and run the system for 5-10 minutes.
This procedure is very important as humidity within the A/C System can impair the cleaning
effect. 2. Cleaning: Place Klima Fresh in the footwell of the front passenger area, open all
dashboard vents, switch on the A/C System and set to air recirculation on full fan power and
minimum temperature. Depress the nozzle lever into lock-down position and close the doors.
After only one minute the cleaning process is complete. Let the A/C System run for further 3-5
minutes and then thoroughly air the interior of the vehicle.
100 ml for 1 application

Weight N/A